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Dorticos (CHI)
Mar. 28, 2024
Kapichu (2019) ARG
Endorsement out of Lean by Elusive Quality
Pecado Inconfesable (2019) ARG
Remote out of Pure Dolca by Pure Prize

Los Turfistas
Chile - Argentina

Next entries

Escuela Nacional PPAL Today 12ª 19:00 CdCd 1400m Rubla
Isla Credos PPAL Today 13:30 CdCd 1400m Figaro
Palmas Sorditas CCHS Today 17ª 20:57 HdHd 13 al 11 1000m Llanquihue
Vos Sabes CCHS Today 18ª 21:30 HdHd 23 al 18 1000m Carlos Molina
Navaja Oculta PPAL Today 15:30 EspEsp 1600m Comaf
Pulp Fiction PPAL Today 15:30 EspEsp 1600m Parque Patricios
Kapichu CCHS Today 10ª 17:16 1300m Monito
Pecado Inconfesable CCHS Today 10ª 17:16 1300m Mv Jr.
Casualmente Te Vi HHCH 25may2425May24 12:40 CdCd 1000m Oveja Negra
Los Fandangos SSI 25may2425May24 13:10 CdCd 1600m Chucaros (si)
Emiliana's Blue HHCH 25may2425May24 16ª 18:45 HdHd 13 al 11 1200m Los Reyes
Caminando CCHS 26may2426May24 13ª 17:31 HdHd 2 al 1 1300m Luzmarcris
Mientes CCHS 26may2426May24 12:16 HdHd 4 al 1 1200m Salto Angel
Monaco CCHS 26may2426May24 15ª 18:32 HdHd 29 al 21 1200m Don Chato
Escuela Antigua VVSC 27may2427May24 10ª 19:50 HdHd 6 a 2 1100m Pompita
Radio Teatro VVSC 27may2427May24 11ª 20:25 HdHd 5 al 2 1200m Don Camilo
Last Stake Winners

28mar2428Mar24 CCHS Kapichu (Endorsement) 1400m 1°/11
19aug2319Aug23 HHCH Pecado Inconfesable (Remote) 1300m 1°/8
Last wins and placed

22may2422May24 VVSC Le Peintre (Interaction) HdHd 1100m 1°/8
21may2421May24 LLP Rumor de Fuego (Daddy Long Legs) CdCd 1600m 1°/7
20may2420May24 CCHS Palmas Sorditas (Catcher in the Rye) HdHd 1000m 3°/10
18may2418May24 HHCH Mezzosoprano (Cosmic) HdHd 1200m 2°/12
17may2417May24 CCHS Caminando (Treasure Beach) HdHd 1200m 3°/15
16may2416May24 HHCH Otro Día Pedro (Remote) HdHd 1000m 2°/15
16may2416May24 HHCH Mi Vieja Linda (Remote) HdHd 1000m 4°/15
15may2415May24 VVSC Escuela Antigua (Seek Again) HdHd 1100m 1°/10
15may2415May24 VVSC Le Peintre (Interaction) HdHd 1100m 2°/11
14may2414May24 LLP Gato Molina (Daddy Long Legs) CdCd 1200m 2°/12
13may2413May24 VVSC Radio Teatro (War Command) HdHd 1400m 3°/10
12may2412May24 PPAL Pulmon De Acero (Daddy Long Legs) CdCd 1200m 3°/14
10may2410May24 CCHS Palmas Sorditas (Catcher in the Rye) HdHd 1200m 2°/15
10may2410May24 CCHS Monaco (Catcher in the Rye) HdHd 1200m 3°/15
9may249May24 HHCH Emiliana's Blue (Daddy Long Legs) HdHd 1000m 2°/15